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5 Drivers to a Profitable General Practice

It is a given that clinical excellence is a key factor in a successful General Practice, and nothing comes at its exception. A profitable General Practice holds no value if clinical excellence is not practised. Money is just one side of the Practice Success Blueprint, but it doesn’t come without success in heart, mind, and wallet. Both in life and in running a general practice, there is no ‘do it later’ there is only ‘do it now’! In Project X, there is a pledge of 18-months which eliminates the need for short-term goal commitment and pressure. Committing to the long-term goals relieves the pressures that hinder General Practice owners from achieving their full potential.

There are 5 things that will help drive a successful and profitable General Practice. Although derived from Brad Sugars’ – ‘5 Ways to drive a profitable business’, this model is adapted specifically for General Practices.

Increasing Booked Appointments

There are two instances where increasing booked appointments are possible, the first being, that the Practice is at full capacity and more Doctors are required, and the second being that the Practice is not at full patient capacity and the spaces need to fill up.

In the case of needing more patients, there are two ways to increase the capacity: either get new patients or reactivate visits for existing patients. Patient engagement is imperative to get to know existing and new patients, as it is vital to building relationships with patients. It is important to be clear on who the Practice serves, build a system to reactivate existing patients and initiate a system to bring in new patients.

In the case of recruiting more General Practitioners, it is important to work out a proper recruitment framework – in terms of planning, prioritising, and building the right tools, and gaining clarity of their roles as business owners and their leadership roles and styles. Quick action is essential to increase recruitment, as is being part of the community and being open to different methodology. Other essential points in increasing recruitment are that different results require different actions, building a team that aligns with each other, and having difficult conversations which really brings about great results. 

Attendance Rate

Increasing attendance is relatively simple. It is important to confirm appointments and attendance, ensuring prepayment authorisation, and the content of the Practices appointment funnel. The content in the appointment funnel is essential to changing the opinion of the patients and could even facilitate a secondary appointment and visit.

Revenue Per Encounter/ Billing Per Appointment

A General Practice’s Revenue Per Encounter is the averaged amount billed per appointment or encounter. There are many tactics to increase revenue per encounter. One such tactic is a moving to higher degrees of private billing, which means either increasing fees or increasing bulk billing rates.

There are 3 frameworks to consider when attempting to increase revenue, the first being the GP connector which is built upon the 6 human needs, the communication power formula which is leading every issue with ‘Why?’, and a programme called ‘Get the phone ringing’ which consists of leveraging existing relationships and networking. The results of which virtually guarantee an increase in revenue.

It is important to think and plan carefully to execute well, break out of comfort zones and follow tried and tested processes. Consulting experts is also imperative, and though it may seem costly, consider it as an investment and an ROI. It is a return monetarily and on time and stress.

Frequency of Transactions

There are three main ways to increase frequency of transactions. The first of which is to increase the service offering at the General Practice, such as a Skin Service or Weight Loss Service to name a few. The second is to add the sale of products. And lastly, incorporating a more comprehensive approach to certain things such as focus on chronic disease. Increasing frequency of transactions while adding value to patients is one of the biggest challenges a General Practice faces.

 A way to overcome this challenge is to implement a HR module that focusses on role clarity and accountability. Another way is to implement the CDM module and finally, referencing the right experts and guidelines. The result of implementing this framework is both, happier patients and happier General Practitioners. So, when approaching an increase in the frequency of transactions, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity, stay updated on metrics to measure accountability, and stay updated on knowledge to hold others accountable.


Protecting margins is a must for General Practices. Mitigating as much risk as possible is necessary to maintain margins. Structuring accounts with the right legal agreements and guidelines is a great way to mitigate risk and protect from SRO activity. Medicare and compliance also present a significant amount of risk and taking the right steps to mitigate these risks is of great importance.

Eliminating monetary and environmental waste is also imperative in running a socially responsible Practice. If these things are handled correctly, it will generate a cost benefit and an improvement in margins. If these things are approached with the right thinking and attitude, it will generate significant results and improvements on margins.

In order to drive a General Practice forward, it is important to note what the business needs and decide on what tactics to use. Understanding what is possible for the Practice and approaching it with the right thinking will lead to creating the achievable results. 

These are only some of the tools and strategies that will help make a General Practice profitable. If a small amount of focus is given to the above points, a General Practice owner will see profitability increase exponentially.

To learn more about Scale My Clinic’s Project X programme, or any of the aforementioned focal points, f visit www.scalemyclinic.com.au.

Underpaying workers?

We’ve all seen the long list of big names called out for underpaying workers, from celebrity chefs to the country’s biggest employers – Qantas, Coles, Woolworths, NAB, CBA, Super Retail, the AB, and even – allegedly – some of our biggest law firms1.

It’s a problem affecting remuneration from hiring to retiring. PwC estimates underpayment affects 13 per cent of the Australian workforce2 and Industry Super Australia found bosses are underpaying workers for three million Australian employees, one in four workers, nearly $5 billion in employer super contributions in 2018-193.

Who’s at risk?

The Senate committee report into unlawful underpayments or underpaying workers called the issue “systematic and deliberate”. However, in many cases, underpaying is not deliberate4.  Many employers have no idea that they have exposure and are not taking steps to ensure they are compliant with Modern Award obligations, or able to demonstrate compliance if challenged by current or former employees. 

Aside from the financial and reputational risk, the Fair Work Ombudsman has put the C-suite on notice that they are personally responsible.  In 2020 The Fair Work Ombudsman stated: “I am calling on Boards to seek assurances from their chief executive officers that wages are being paid to employees in accordance with the law. The buck ultimately stops with the Chair.”5

The biggest risk for employers is that they don’t realise they have obligations under Modern Awards and don’t have the systems and processes in place to ensure the compliance.  Having an accurate time and attendance system for all administrative staff and others covered by Modern Awards, allows companies to check their compliance status and is the safety net they should all have.

Such a system allows businesses to check compliance, even retrospectively, and appropriate integration with payroll systems is key to ensuring correct and timely payment of employees. For most companies found in breach, the culprit is payroll software that has not been appropriately integrated with other systems.

Use by dates aren’t just for milk

The one thing stopping most businesses from creating that interconnected payroll ecosystem is out-of-date technology.

Businesses can get hamstrung by accounting packages with minimal features that lack the robustness for advanced payroll reporting or are using difficult-to-customise platforms that struggle to meet constantly changing compliance obligations.

An up-to-date payroll platform that ensures compliance is key, but it also needs to go beyond payroll…

Systems with separation anxiety

Many teams struggle with payroll software that isn’t integrated with third-party systems, like those used by HR teams. That leads to a greater risk of human error and difficulty with reporting, as data needs to move from one system to another.

Being compliant, especially when it comes to payroll, is a basic requirement of doing business and must be a company-wide priority. It’s why The Access Group developed Workspace, an integrated business software solution that connects payroll, finance, HR and other systems in a single platform to reduce the risk of human error, to ensure compliance is baked in at every step, and to deliver autonomy and self-service – at scale – for all employees.

Managing constant change

The other compliance roadblock is navigating Australia’s complex regulatory payroll landscape. It’s like Sydney’s skyline – constantly changing. STP2 is the latest change to impact the industry, and it won’t be the last.

No wonder an Australian Payroll Association survey found 9 in 10 payroll managers find interpreting legislation and Awards around entitlements and payments “confusing or contradictory”6. With 13 million people employed by 2.4 million businesses in Australia, millions of pay runs are processed every week. And with 60 per cent of these businesses having a multi-entity structure (a business consisting of several ABN entities), the payroll challenge is compounded further.

Quite simply, businesses cannot afford to get it wrong and C-suite executives should be asking some simple questions of their Payroll and HR Teams as set out in our recent White Paper.

Confusion and compliance don’t play well together in the sandpit, and ignorance of the law is not going fly. It’s critical to ensure your payroll software provider has the deep knowledge and expertise to ensure your business solution delivers on compliance.

The key to overcoming the payroll challenge is managing the varying dependencies with up-to-date, compliant-ready and interconnected software. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll ensure your business meets its obligations with accurate, compliant, and timely pay runs each and every pay cycle; reducing risk whilst ensuring your employees and the broader business isn’t negatively impacted.

John Maley, APAC Head of Human Resources at leading business management software provider The Access Group, explains how your software could be putting you at risk of underpaying your people and why compliance is key in the world of payroll.

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Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard

Logitech has expanded its Master Series with two new mechanical keyboards – the full-size MX Mechanical and minimalist MX Mechanical Mini – and MX Master 3S mouse. Logitech’s Master Series brings advanced digital creators ultimate productivity tools, featuring high-performance mechanical typing and precision tracking.

“There is a growing community of software developers who fell in love with mechanical keyboards when they started playing games, and now they want the same feeling of precision and control with their professional desktop keyboard,” said Tolya Polyanker, head of the MX Series for Creativity and Productivity at Logitech. “MX Mechanical combines the best of both – Logitech’s gaming keyboard expertise with MX Master Series signature experiences.”

MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini offer the latest generation of low profile mechanical switches. The tactile Quiet (Brown) key switch makes it Logitech’s quietest mechanical keyboard ever with an amazing mechanical typing feel. Clicky (Blue) and Linear (Red) switch options are also available in select markets. The keyboards are designed with dual-coloured keycaps for an optimised peripheral view. Smart backlighting, in six lighting options, automatically adjusts brightness for ambient light and switches off when not needed for efficient battery consumption.

To better address the needs of our advanced creators, MX Master 3S features an 8,000 DPI optical sensor that tracks on most surfaces including glass and offers faster workflow with high-resolution monitors. Clicks are now 90% quieter compared to MX Master 3 while keeping the same satisfying precision feel so that you can focus on your work, not the noise.

The MX Master 3S features the MagSpeed Electromagnetic™ wheel that zips through 1,000 lines in one second, the side scroll wheel for faster horizontal navigation, and a unique ergonomic shape crafted for long hours of comfort.

MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S are all compatible with Logi Options+ software – now out of Beta. Users can customize individual buttons, use pre-defined or create their own app-specific profiles, adjust tracking speed, select backlighting effects, and more to optimise their workflow. All three products, equipped with both Bluetooth and proprietary Logi Bolt wireless technology for a reliable, secure connection even in congested environments, can connect to up to three different devices and are compatible across a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Sustainability of MX Mechanical

At Logitech, products are designed to deliver great user experiences and minimize environmental footprint and the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini were designed with your future in mind. A portion of the keyboards’ plastic parts is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic: 45% for MX Mechanical and 47% for MX Mechanical Mini. Plus, the aluminium top case for the keyboards is made from low carbon aluminium and produced with renewable energy rather than fossil fuels for a lower carbon impact. The MX Master 3S mouse is also made with PCR plastic – 27% for graphite and 22% for pale grey.

All Logitech products, including MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S, are certified carbon neutral. When you purchase a Logitech product, the carbon footprint of that product has been reduced to zero by supporting forestry, renewables and climate-impacted communities that reduce carbon.

Pricing and Availability

The MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S will be available in July 2022 on logitech.com and at selected retailers. The suggested retail price for the MX Mechanical keyboard is $269.95, the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard is $229.95 and MX Master 3S is $169.95.

Also read Small Business Answers Guide to buying a keyboard.

Australian Made Week

Cook, lawyer, TV presenter, author, and now Australian Made Week Ambassador Adam Liaw is urging consumers to seek out and buy genuine Aussie products bearing the trusted green-and-gold kangaroo logo to support the country’s makers and growers, as well as safeguard against access and supply issues highlighted by the pandemic.

Taking place 6–12 June 2022, Australian Made Week highlights the makers and growers that are boosting the local economy, particularly in a post-pandemic climate where locally sourced product is more important than ever.

Liaw said that buying Australian Made comes with a feel-good factor as you’re making socially, economically, and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions with far-reaching benefits.

“We are absolutely spoilt for choice in Australia as we have the best products in the world, manufactured and grown to the highest standards right here in our own backyard,” Liaw said.

“COVID reminded all of us that we need to think and buy local ­­– and move away from reliance on imported goods – if we’re going to have manufacturing self-sufficiency and reliable supply chains, ensuring we can obtain products we want, when we want them.

“As a passionate supporter of local industry, I’m so excited to be part of this campaign. My view is it’s a no-brainer to choose Australian Made when you can. When you do, everyone wins – be it through job creation, consistent supply of consumer goods, or just getting a top-quality product.

“To get involved in Australian Made Week, when you’re making purchases – whether it’s flowers, woks or socks – go for Australian Made or Grown and spread the word on your socials by posting about your buy with #AustralianMadeWeek.

“Something new that’s been added to this year’s activities and worth looking out for is a series of special events targeting specific industries and interests, including family and small business, technology, Indigenous business, agriculture, and e-commerce.”

Australian Made Week 2022 follows on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural campaign that prompted more than 70% of Aussies to increase their efforts to prioritise local product purchases. The same Roy Morgan survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of participants are concerned about the number of products sold in Australia that are made overseas.

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said Australian Made Week was a great time to draw attention to the benefits of buying local.

“The pandemic has really opened people’s eyes to the dependencies and vulnerabilities of relying on imported goods and how we can all play our part in making small changes that have a huge impact on our quality of life and our economy,” Lazzaro said.

“When you buy Australian Made, you have a direct economic impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Australians throughout the supply chain.

“Manufacturing is an essential part of our economy. Every Australian Made product purchased is directly supporting a sector of almost one million people from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds, education and skillset.

“Australian Made Week is also a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on the interesting and inspiring people behind the 4,200-plus businesses that consider their Australian Made certification as a badge of honour.”

The Australian Made Week advertisements were filmed in Melbourne and captured Adam Liaw at: South Melbourne Market; commercial catering equipment manufacturer Luus Industries based in Sunshine West (Victoria); and family-owned furniture company Eaststyle (Tullamarine, Victoria). The advertisement can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufYuO8C3Uu4 Learn more about Australian Made Week and find genuine Aussie products at www.australianmadeweek.com.au

Free RingCentral conferencing & messaging

Ideal for small businesses working with remote staff, partners or customers, the free version of RingCentral video and integrated team messaging product offers significant advantages over most meeting platforms available today.

RingCentral Video Pro is HD audio and video quality that works equally well and securely via mobile, desktop or browser. You can host as many meetings as you like for up to 100 participants, and there is effectively no time limits on those meetings (up to 24 hours duration). The free platform is also a rich feature set, including live transcription, screen sharing and cloud recording.

Integrated with video, the free RingCentral Team Messaging platform enables organisations to boost online team collaboration and productivity securely. Features include a group chat function with both internal and external users, personal folders and customisable tabs, as well as file sharing and task management tools.

While a free, high-quality video conferencing solution that doesn’t cap your meetings at 40 minutes might be enough to get most people excited, it’s the RingCentral Add-ins that truly set the platform apart. This gives you the opportunity to integrate third-party applications very simply into the team messaging experience – there are hundreds of pre-configured integrations available, so there is a great chance some of these other applications will already be in use by your business today.

The table below gives a great snapshot of the features offered by RingCentral’s free video meetings platform. More information on RingCentral and its free offer can be found here.

Free PlansRingCentral Video Pro
Max participants100
Group meetings duration24 hours
1:1 meeting duration24 hours
Image and video virtual backgroundY
Device switching between mobile and desktopY
Team huddle live video chat roomY
Cloud storageY
Team connectY
Browser experience same as desktopY
Live transcriptionY
Closed captioningY
In-meeting private or public chatY
Team messaging, file sharing, tasks, and moreY
Calendar integrationY
Waiting roomY

Jabra Talk 65 Bluetooth mono headset

 Jabra, a leader in personal sound and office solutions, introduces the Jabra Talk 65; a premium Bluetooth mono headset, engineered for people who are always on the go and want to stay connected – whether it be for commuting, or working, or just getting things done. Jabra is also upgrading its existing Talk 15 and Talk 25 mono headsets.  

The new Jabra Talk 65 is specially designed for hassle-free calls in noisy environments as it has an unparalleled 80% noise cancellation with its 2-microphone technology, ensuring clear communication with no annoying sound interruptions, wherever you’re calling from.

The Bluetooth mono headset has a wireless range of up to 100m/ 300ft, allowing for more mobility on the go and making sure you have a stable connection. The Talk 65 delivers up to 14 hours of talk time on a single charge, so you can keep communicating.

The Jabra Talk 65 also allows for the streaming of GPS information and media sources and one-touch access to Siri or Google Assistant*. The design is IP54-rated, which means it’s protected against dust and water, so it’s rugged enough to go wherever you do. The headset offers flexibility to be worn on either ear, and the lightweight design makes for a secure and comfortable fit, no matter how much you are moving around.

With the launch of Jabra Talk 65, the Danish brand also introduces its upgraded, other products in the Talk range. The Talk 15 now comes with 7 hours of talk time and the Talk 25 has 9 hours of battery life. Both products include Bluetooth® 5.0 for enhanced connectivity. 

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra said: “The Jabra Talk 65 Bluetooth Mono headset is a great extension of your phone. Because of the 80% noise cancellation with 2-microphone technology and a wireless range of 100m/ 300ft, you can use the headset for work and private conversations, no matter where the day takes you. Thanks to its superior comfort and fit, you’ll barely notice it’s there.” 

Jabra Talk 65 key features and specifications:

  • 80% noise cancellation with 2-microphone technology and HD voice
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time
  • Wireless range of up to 100 m / 300 ft for ultimate mobility and flexibility
  • Streams GPS and media
  • One-touch access to Voice Assistant*
  • Lightweight design
  • IP54-rated protection against dust and water

Jabra Talk 65 pricing and availability

The Jabra Talk 65 will be available in A/NZ from 1st June at selected retailers, MSRP AU$149.

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – Logitech LIFT review

In the mouse buying guide, we previously looked at what was important to consider in buying a mouse. One thing we did not look at was a vertical ergonomic mouse. I used my first mouse for a PC in 1984, and almost 40 years later, I tried using it on its side. This article will take the Logitech LIFT vertical ergonomic mouse for a spin and give you our impressions.

What is a Vertical Ergonomic Mouse?

This mouse is designed to have a more natural position for your arm and wrist by turning the mouse buttons to a 57-degree angle or more simply on its side. According to Logi’s head of its ergo series of products Olessia Hageman, “Ergonomics and comfort play a vital role in overall workspace wellbeing. Building on our philosophy of when we feel better, we do better, we have created Lift to help people work in comfort for hours and feel better at the end of a long day at the desk.”

Reading the side of the box, leading American ergonomic institutions also think so.

What’s in the LIFT Box?

The mouse comes with a preinstalled AA battery and an internally housed USB receiver (so you know where it is when you need it). It has an RRP of $129.95 and is available in 3 colours Graphite, Off white, and Rose. The product is recommended for those with small to medium hands.

Connection to your PC, Mac, or Google device is by Bluetooth® Low Energy or the secure Logi Bolt USB Receiver. The included disposable battery is quoted at up to 2 years before replacement is required.

Setup is a breeze by pulling the disposable plastic battery isolator that allows the mouse to power on. My PC immediately saw the mouse and asked if I wanted to install it. Thus one click with my old mouse, and I was away.

The LIFT mouse also supports up to 3 multi-OS computers connected to it. Control is swapped by a button under the mouse.


Not a word you really think about with a mouse beyond switching the buttons around. The LIFT allows the smart magnetic wheel to scroll quickly or slowly by pressing a button below the wheel.

By downloading the Logi Options+ app, you can further customise the various buttons on the mouse by multiple applications, including Microsoft, Adobe and collaboration applications (like Zoom). This allows you to create shortcuts to your most-used features. A handy button remapping option we liked was the ability to use a mouse button to mute your Mic.


We like that the mouse is partly made of recycled plastic.

From a usability perspective, a mouse-like this is so much better than the cheap mouse that ships standard with a PC. The LIFT is comfortable to grip with a reassuring clicking mechanism when the key two buttons are pressed. The shift wheel is very responsive, and the ability to quickly change its speed is handy. However, you probably won’t change speeds once you are happy with either the fast or slow. Designers may, however, find this feature very useful. The ability to customise the mouse is great but will most people go to the trouble? You should as it will save a lot of time.

My verdict on the vertical ergonomic mouse that is the mouse turned on its side. Note this is a very personal experience. After almost 40 years of mouse usage, I did not like the orientation change, and I found it unnatural. However, my wife loved it from the minute I asked her to trial it. Another friend has a vertical mouse and said she loves it but took a while to get used to it.

It’s unlikely you can try one before you buy. Chances are, this mouse will be far better than the one you are using today and may even be good for your health.

Further information can be found on the Logitech website.

eftpos QR code payments

Two Subway® locations have become the first major Australian quick-service restaurants to serve-up eftpos QR code payments ahead of its plan to roll out the cutting-edge technology to innovation-hungry guests in partnership with Australian-made Beem mobile wallet, both of which are part of newly formed Australian Payments Plus (AP+).

Guests at Subway’s North Sydney (Miller Street) and Brisbane City (460 George Street) restaurants will be able to use eftpos QR via Beem wallet to pay for their favourite Subway 6-Inch®, Subway Footlong®, salad, or wrap. The technology will open the door to a raft of richer rewards, offers and opportunities to connect with and delight guests and is expected to be rolled out across more restaurants in the coming months.

The launch of eftpos QR code payments for Subway® in Australia is a significant milestone for both the retail and payments industries and delivers on a commitment by eftpos (now part of AP+) to rapidly have the technology live and in market.

Mark Britt, Managing Director AP+ Digital Plus said: “Australians have been telling us they want their mobile payments experience to be more valuable, and to cut down on the fumble factor by unifying and orchestrating what was once a mishmash of separate paper and plastic cards. eftpos QR payments make this happen in a simple and elegant way.”

Subway® Australia & New Zealand Communications Manager, Rhys Reynolds, said giving guests the option to pay using eftpos QR just makes sense for the brand. “We know that customisation and personalisation are driving factors for our guests,” said Mr Reynolds. “Subway guests can choose from an array of fresh, healthier ingredients to create a sub, salad or wrap that’s just right for them! We’re excited to extend that choice beyond the sandwich unit, to include cutting-edge payment options.”

For a limited time, guests at Subway® North Sydney and Brisbane City restaurants will also be able to load up on loyalty rewards with triple SubCard® Reward Dollars on offer.

“AP+ is committed to providing Australian consumers and merchants with better, simpler, highly secure and data-rich payments experiences no matter the form factor, or where the shop is – online, mobile or at the checkout,” Mark Britt said.

Afterpay and Square integrated at POS

Square marks another key milestone in its integration of Afterpay and Square, extending buy now, pay later (BNPL) functionality to its millions of in-person sellers in the United States and Australia. Just three months after first bringing Afterpay into the Square ecosystem with e-commerce integration, Square and Afterpay moved swiftly to unlock the ability for sellers using any Square point of sale software – Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail, Square Appointments, or Square for Restaurants – to now offer Afterpay across online and in-person commerce.

To use Afterpay in-person, buyers simply tap to pay using a mobile wallet loaded with their virtual Afterpay card and pay over four interest-free instalments. Square sellers receive their full earnings from each sale immediately.

In their first quarter together, a combined Square and Afterpay has already proven to attract new shoppers and drive incremental revenue for sellers of all sizes. Sellers using Square Online are seeing the following impact on their businesses:

  • Transaction sizes are up: Across both the US and Australia, the average transaction size with Afterpay is 3x greater than non-BNPL purchases.
  • Rapid growth in buyers: Globally,we observed a 180% increase in new consumers leveraging Afterpay through Square sellers between February and March 2022.
  • Meaningful growth among key merchant categories:
  • In the US, retail businesses that offered Afterpay as a payments option on their website are seeing a meaningful lift in overall online sales, with men’s and women’s clothing stores growing 17%; specialized apparel and accessories, 15%; pet stores, 13%; sporting goods stores, 12%; and jewellery and watch shops, 10%.
  • In both countries, beauty and personal care businesses saw significant upticks in online sales, registering a 26% increase in Australia and a 16% increase in the U.S.

This growth is already extending to in-person commerce; during the beta period, average order value (AOV) for in-person Afterpay purchases more than doubled in Australia, while in the US orders averaged a 50% increase.

“More than ever, shoppers expect to be able to make purchases with their preferred method of payment,” said Leslie Babineaux, owner of Fort Worth, Texas-based A Touch of Chic Boutique. “Square has made it straightforward for a business of my size to offer Afterpay, with no additional work required on our end. Our customers are thrilled that they can use BNPL when they come in store, and in a short amount of time, we’ve already seen that shoppers spend nearly double the amount with us when purchasing with Afterpay.”

Sydney-based wedding jeweller, The Callie Corp, has seen first-hand the value that offering Afterpay via Square has had on their business: “We’ve been offering Afterpay on our Square Online store and have been blown away by the demand. Our average transaction sizes are up, we’re acquiring more new customers, and more are returning for multiple purchases,” said Rebecca McIntyre, CEO and founder of The Callie Corp. “With restrictions lifted and weddings well and truly back on, we can’t wait to offer Afterpay to our customers at wedding expos and at our studio. Afterpay really helps our customers to manage their cash flow around what can be an expensive, but really special, time.”

To further sales growth, Square sellers will be discoverable in Afterpay’s Shop Directory, a marketplace available both online and from the Afterpay app that showcases sellers offering Afterpay. Shop Directory supplies hundreds of millions of leads per year to sellers and gives buyers the ability to search for Square sellers near them making it easier to shop and support local small businesses.

“Adding Afterpay to Square’s in-person commerce software furthers our goal to give all sellers omnichannel tools that unlock new growth opportunities for them,” said Alyssa Henry, Head of Square. “Omnichannel isn’t just about selling across multiple channels, it’s about meeting your consumers’ shopping habits, whatever and wherever they are. Afterpay adds an omnichannel tool to our ecosystem that our sellers haven’t typically had access to. For sellers of all sizes, Afterpay has proven to be more than just a new payment method; rather it serves as an omnichannel commerce solution that can offer meaningful value and growth to sellers.”

“Our buyers are young, high-intent consumers who prefer Afterpay and quickly become repeat customers for our merchant partners,” said Nick Molnar, Afterpay Lead at Square. “Together, Afterpay and Square can help sellers of all sizes capture the next generation shopper and compete at a larger scale.”

Square sellers can enable Afterpay starting today and try BNPL at promotional rates until September 10. Automatic enablement will roll out to eligible Square sellers over the following weeks, and Afterpay can be easily toggled on or off via sellers’ Square Dashboard at any time. For more information, visit www.squareup.com/buy-now-pay-later.

Read more about BNPL in Small Business Answers guide.

Victorian Digital Adaptation Program

After two successful rounds which saw Shopify helping Victorian businesses start selling and growing online, Shopify is once again partnering with the Victorian Government to support its Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

Through this program, eligible Victorian businesses will enjoy a $1200 rebate on their Shopify subscription, equivalent to 12 months’ worth of access to its ecosystem of tools and experts to help build and scale their online business.

Shaun Broughton, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Shopify said “Shopify is proud to once again have the opportunity to support sole traders, micro and local small businesses in Victoria with the tech tools and resources needed to adapt, grow, and thrive. Schemes like the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program are crucial for incentivising business digitalisation, setting the stage for Victorian businesses to flourish amid an increasingly competitive environment.”

Shopify is also providing additional enhanced incentives including:

  • An extended 30-day free trial – Take the time you need to get your store online with an exclusive extended free trial that’s double the standard offer.
  • Live training and webinars – Our Victoria educational hub offers step-by-step guidance including blog posts, tutorials and trendspotting to help you launch and grow your business with confidence. 
  • Special offers from our robust ecosystem of partners, agencies, developers and freelancers – We have curated a wide variety of offers that range from basic setup to completely custom solutions, all the better to cater to different needs from merchants of all shapes and sizes.
  • 24/7 customer support – Our support team is here for you every step of the way via chat, email, call-back, and social media.

Merchants must already have a registered business in Australia and will be provided the opportunity to choose from 14 different commerce vendors, including Shopify. Once businesses decide on their partner, they can visit the Victoria Government website to start their rebate process. 

For more information including eligibility requirements, visit the Shopify Small Business Digital Adaptation Program website.