Smart Glasses can give a new perspective

As a self-confessed tech addict, I like to be one of the first to embrace new gadgets designed to make my life easier. That’s why when the uber-cool Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses were released, I had to get my hands on a pair.

This innovative product gives you an edge over competitors by allowing you to connect with your audience and personalise your content like never before.

Giving insight into what you do as a business is great for expanding your reach. 

It also highlights your curiosity for innovation and new technology as a business.

According to the “We Are Social” digital report, Australians spend 40% of their waking hours using the internet. 

We consume a hell of a lot of content each day, so content needs to be distinctive in order to stand out.

For solo driven or small businesses, who might not have someone to follow them around and shoot content, this piece of tech can be their wearable Hollywood film crew.  

So if you’re curious about learning more about how you can use Ray-Ban Stories’ smart glasses in your business, read on!

But first, a confession from a publicist

Sometimes growing our own brand gets pushed to the back. 

However, wearable tech has made it easier for us to share our own stories. 

Have you ever been in a moment and thought, “I wish I could capture this exactly as I see it?”

Wearable tech solves this problem – you never miss an opportunity! 

The brilliance lies in the fact that you don’t have to plan ahead, the smart glasses allow you to take advantage of opportunities to film content as they arise. 

Finally, an answer for those who are too busy to dedicate hours to filming and editing content. 

See things from another perspective

This innovation has taken a dash of living in the moment and a pinch of capturing the memories,  creating a groundbreaking content creation cocktail.

In fact, sharing a first-person perspective has never been so effortless. 

For example, filming a “Day in the Life” reel with smart glasses is so easy that the viewer actually feels like they are walking in your shoes. 

Anything from what your office or warehouse looks like to how you make your product can be the subject of engaging content that sets you apart from others in your industry. 

Think behind the scenes – you don’t want to give away your secrets but a little insight can create intrigue!

When I travelled across the border for the Sydney Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, I tested out the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses for the first time and captured some awesome footage. 

Keep an eye out on our socials for a sneak peek into my trip (which got extended due to COVID)!

Capture authentic testimonials 

To the untrained eye, smart glasses look like regular glasses, so they work wonders for anyone who is camera shy or suffers from anxiety. 

Whether that be the interviewer or the interviewee, an environment that feels natural and comfortable is easily created with the use of glasses.

Therefore, the ability to capture genuine testimonials is greater than ever before!

It feels like a simple conversation, yet the content produced can be priceless … if done well.

Remember it’s important to follow the checklist below before you get a testimonial from a client:


              □     Make sure you don’t film anyone without their permission 

              □     Let people know what smart glasses are and how they work

              □     Don’t forget to take them off in private settings (you don’t want to accidentally film the change rooms!)


It’s important to try new things in business, be forward-thinking and stay ahead of the game. 

Plus, these smart glasses are an ad-free experience, so none of your data is used for personally targeted ads. 

How great!

We look forward to sharing what we capture over the next few months! 

Amanda Williams from Yellow Panda gave the glasses a go to see how they might help or hinder her day in the life of a publicist.

Small Business Answers has a guide to using PR to grow your business here.

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