App Cam Solo PRO 2K

App Cam Solo PRO 2K security cameras

by Angus Jones

Uniden has enhanced its outdoor security range with the new Super HD resolution App Cam Solo PRO 2K, offering a 100% wire-free, rechargeable, solar power compatible spotlight and security camera in one. Built for the outdoor environment, the compact device can be placed anywhere around the home for constant monitoring day and night, with additional smart features to make surveillance more accurate and responsive.  

The weatherproof App Cam Solo PRO 2K is designed for Australian homes and weather conditions, enabling users to capture and stream footage in high-quality 2K resolution across a 120-degree wide angle, making it possible to view and record with a wide image range in greater detail and zoom in to view objects easily. 

Adding a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) spotlight allows users to better see the appearance of anyone approaching the property while also acting as an effective deterrent to unwanted visitors. Combined with a built-in spotlight, adds colour to the night vision footage up to 10 metres away to ensure a high-quality image.

Smarter than regular cameras, the Uniden App Cam Solo PRO 2K features Ai Intelligent Alerts for the ability to notify the user via the SOLO App whether there is a person or vehicle approaching the property, meaning you will only get alerted when you need to be. Together with the Thermo Sense Technology body heat and movement sensor, this feature reduces the number of false alerts a security camera may trigger due to moving branches and other benign activity, ensuring residents are only notified when needed.

To minimise reliance on electricity supply and regular recharging, an optional Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera, positioned for optimal sunlight exposure, delivering up to 180 days of operating time. The solar panel recharges the App Cam while providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed without the risk of draining the battery. It even alerts the user on battery level to prepare for charging.

Users can easily track App Cam Solo PRO 2K vision from any smartphone device for remote live viewing in 2K quality using the Uniden SOLO app globally. It also facilitates two-way communication or voice alerts that can help deliver goods to the front door. Privacy masking can black out the areas a user does not want to be recorded and prioritise where surveillance needs to be on.

Delivering optimal peace of mind with its dual backup system, the App Cam Solo PRO 2K offers the choice of storage via a purchased SD card or via the Uniden Cloud service, which offers rolling seven days of free cloud backup for the lifetime of this product. For those with higher storage requirements, upgrading to a suitable paid plan is easy.

Thanks to the wire-free over WiFi capability, both homeowners and renters can choose one or more of these cameras to monitor more of their home, from the front door to the garage, in one easy DIY-installed solution without the need for ongoing fees or subscription costs.

App Cam Solo PRO 2K Key features:

  • 2K super HD resolution
  • Completely 100% wire-free over WiFi
  • Spotlight & Camera in One
  • AI intelligent alerts and notifications
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Free 7 Days of Rolling Cloud Backup + Micro SD Card Backup 
  • Privacy Masking 
  • Thermo Sense Technology
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Dual Band WiFi (2.4GHz/5.8GHz)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Optional Solar Panel for non-stop power with up to 180 days of operating
  • Siren alert 
  • Motion detection record 
  • Weatherproof (IP65) 
  • Two-year Australian warranty 

Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo PRO 2K RRP: $279.95

Uniden App Cam Solo+ Solar Panel (SPS-02) RRP $99.95

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