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Protect your property with smart security

by Angus Jones

Businesses and homeowners in Australia are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise in theft and property damage cases. Recent data reveals that, over the past year, 374,400 (3.8%) of households have experienced malicious property damage, while 194,100 (2%) have reported break-ins, the first increase in break-ins in over a decade.[1] Smart security can enhance protection.

With the end of daylight savings and as sunlight hours decrease, homeowners are seeking ways to secure their homes during the longer, darker winter months and beyond. Smart home security products, such as cameras and floodlights, are gaining popularity and offering innovative features that allow property to be monitored remotely.

Smart security solutions offer three significant ways to enhance home protection:

1. Detect motion with Ai Notifications and Thermosense functionality: Smart heat sensors with Thermosense technology provide reliable motion detection for homeowners during longer winter nights. The AI intelligent alerts can detect heat sources, like people, these sensors eliminate common false alarm triggers such as curtains or branches moving with the breeze. With virtual monitoring of their home exterior, residents can stay warm and safe indoors while receiving notifications of any suspicious activity. 

2. Improve security with enhanced visibility: Installing floodlights can enhance visibility and security for homeowners. Equipped with motion sensors, floodlights can alert homeowners to any movement on or around the property, discouraging potential intruders. Additionally, when combined with cameras and other digital solutions, floodlights can improve visibility for capturing footage of any outside threats to the home. Some devices even offer powerful infrared night vision that automatically turns on as night falls, providing users with clear visibility even in complete darkness.

3.Stay connected with digital integration: Cloud-connected home security solutions provide homeowners and residents with remote access views of their property, letting them keep an eye on their home security from anywhere, at any time. This level of accessibility offers peace of mind for those going away on a short trip or an extended break. Additionally, camera solutions that let users interact with their homes virtually through microphones can help deter criminals attempting to gain entry to the property.

Smart security keeps homes secure and protected at all times

In the past year, the most common items stolen during break-ins have been reported as: personal items, such as jewellery and clothing (23% or 44,300); outdoor or garden items (21% or 40,800); and bicycles or sporting equipment (18% or 35,500).[2] As such, it’s essential to have an effective digital home security solution that gives residents additional eyes, ears, and ultimate peace of mind. Cameras with remote control and tilt flexibility let users remotely move cameras to view more of their home for maximum security via an app. Cameras combined with floodlights give unrivalled visibility and access to the property, ensuring users can keep their home and contents secured from potential break-ins whether the resident is at home or not. 

To maximise home security, users should look for robust digital solutions built to endure the harsh Australian weather conditions, as well as explore solar-powered capabilities to make the most of natural energy choices. Backup power storage will also ensure devices can keep powering on when movement is detected. 

Uniden’s extensive App Cam Solo product range includes three cameras designed to help secure homes:

  • App Cam Solo PRO 2K: wirefree 2K super HD spotlight camera in 1 (single) | RRP $279.95
  • App Cam Solo Pano Kit: smart 3K (6MP) dual lens wirefree with solar panel spotlight security camera | RRP $599.95
  • App Cam Solo PT 2K Kit: wirefree full HD outdoor smart pan and tilt camera with solar panel | RRP $429.95

By investing in smart home security solutions, homeowners and residents can protect their homes and contents from potential break-ins and malicious damage. For more information about Uniden’s App Cam SOLO product range, visit

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