Registry Australia Scam

Registry Australia Scam

by Angus Jones

We normally associate scams with an overseas entity randomly targeting you when we think about scams. Still, Registry Australia is an Australian company mining real data from ASIC. The Registry Australia scam encourages you to pay more than 2 times as much to reregister your business name renewal.

Small Business Answers owns more than one business name, and one of those names came up for renewal. In the mail, we received an official-looking letter indicating our business name was expiring next month, which it was. This letter provided payment details for either a 1-year renewal for $99 or a 3 years for $199. Then 2 weeks later, an email arrived from ASIC, the official government body for business registrations, indicating the same but at the cost of $37 for 1 year or $88 for 2 years.

Registry Australia in their letter, claim to be Australia’s leading and most reliable business registration service and offers you an online portal and automatic renewal notifications. ASIC provides an online portal and sends you automatic renewals. Registry Australia states they are independent of ASIC, and you are not required to pay any money. Still, as with all scams, you have to pay attention and actually read this information in the letter.

Unfortunately, nothing stops Registry Australia from obtaining business renewal information from ASIC. Then contact you in the hope that you will pay them more money for them to pay ASIC the $37 or $88 on your behalf to reregister your business name.

Small Business Answers advise is ignore this correspondence from Registry Australia and only deal with the official government channels. Besides that, over 3 years, you will have an extra $111 in your pocket rather than funding a scam.

For more information on the official government method of registering a new business name, see Small Business Answers guide to Register a Business Name. ASIC also has a page on Scams

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