TP-Link’s Omada bridge kit has a 5km range

by Angus Jones

Businesses and other users who need their networks to cover very large properties, or multiple properties, can now link wirelessly at a range of up to five kilometres, by adding an Omada EAP215 bridge kit.

It’s no more complex than an indoor Wi-Fi extender, but outdoor spec means weatherproofing, and each unit has ethernet ports, intended for surveillance cameras but they also work for data.

Long range and IP65 rated

The EAP215 uses the 802.11ac protocol, which gives 867Mbps over the 5GHz channel. The units come paired, which means they are configured to automatically set up, establish, and maintain the radio link, through most conditions. Of course, the five kilometre range is an ideal maximum, and real world conditions will be less.

In the meantime, TP-Link wants us to consider the three 1Gbps ports on each unit, supporting Power Over Ethernet and suggestive of such broad possibility, the actual example config of two outdoor network cameras (over Ethernet) and a solar power system (via passive POE) with no need to install additional electrical outlets, seems almost too basic.

Since your EAP215 bridge is meant to be a permanent install, TP-Link gives it the necessary toughness, as they say. IP65 waterproofing is at home in the rain, and there’s lightning protection on board as well.

Catering for… catering

TP-Link reckons the EAP215 is also a great fit for food and beverage businesses, as it can bring your guests 802.11ac wireless internet to outdoor patios, verandas and terraces that might otherwise be awkward to connect using other access point technologies.

As an Omada device, the EAP215 is managed using the Omada Cloud Management System. Network managers can explain the submenus, but in the EAP215 bridge kit’s case, being able to quickly check the status of such a long dedicated wireless link is sure to save you an even longer walk.

For short-range indoor/outdoor installations, the Omada EAP211 Bridge KIT provides a similar feature set to the EAP215 and can connect locations up to one kilometre apart.

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