CyberPower Online UPS Systems

CyberPower Online UPS Systems

by Angus Jones

Furthering its goal of launching better, more sustainable and efficient products, CyberPower has launched its Online (High-Density) Series of sustainable, compact and high-power UPS. The new Online (High-Density) UPS Systems provide more power and functionality in far less space to better meet the demand of today’s IT environments.

CyberPower Systems Oceania GM ANZ Robert Hartvigsen explained, “Currently around 1327 exabytes of data, are stored in worldwide datacentres. This number is almost an eight-fold increase compared with 2015*. Datacentres’ storage is expanding without precedent and as such, thousands of devices are installed every hour in datacentres to meet those demands making speed to market and scalability mission-critical for large enterprises. Our Online (High-Density) Series UPS Systems meet these challenging demands by being specifically designed to provide uncompromising performance and more sustainability with far higher efficiency, thus facilitating a smooth expansion.”

The new CyberPower Online (High-Density) UPS Systems

As Hartvigsen says, the CyberPower Online (High-Density) Series UPS achieve up to 50% in space savings and provide optimal power and functionality within their compact design. They do this by utilising online double-conversion topology which provides the best power quality regardless of the conditions of incoming power.

They also have a high output power factor of 1 (on their 6kVA and 10kVA models) which allows more critical devices with the highest number of total watts to be powered by the UPS. 

The new CyberPower Online (High-Density) UPS Systems

Then their Online ECO Mode means the UPS can switch modes to increase system efficiency, often achieving a high power efficiency of up to 98%. When the quality is unstable, the UPS switches to line mode to guarantee the best power quality.

Hartvigsen said, “In short, these new products offer high-density UPS in up to a 50% smaller footprint which results in lower cooling costs and greater flexibility over time. They are also up to 36% lighter which makes the UPS far easier to install and helps users save precious time.”

CyberPower Online (High-Density) UPS System’s design guarantees reliable power protection and their Online Double-conversion Topology also features a zero-transfer time, ensuring optimal system operation.

Not only does their compact design, significantly optimise space in a rack enclosure but it has quick charging technology built in, so the UPS can achieve 90% battery level in only 4 hours.

For further efficiencies and ease of use, there is a colour LCD panel which has been designed with intuitive and graphical user-interface, allowing users to monitor the power system and configure settings with ease. There’s also a clever, tiltable PCD panel which can be tilted upward for easy viewing, enabling users to see clearly when the product is placed in a lower position. 

All of CyberPower’s Online (High-Density) Series UPS come with two years’ Advanced Replacement Warranty on both the UPS and batteries making them ideal for corporate, government, enterprise customers and of course, data centres. 

Robert Hartvigsen concluded, “CyberPower Online (High-Density) UPS Systems give you more power, use less space, bring down cooling costs and increase flexibility. They are light, easy to use and are far more sustainable and thus far better for the environment.”

CyberPower’s Online (High-Density) Series UPS key advantages

• More Power. Less Space.

• Up to 50% smaller for the 6KVA which results in lower cooling costs and greater flexibility over time.

• Up to 36% lighter (compared to other brands) which makes the UPS far easier to install and helps users to save time. 

• Online Eco Mode – The UPS can switch to ECO mode to increase system efficiency, achieving high power efficiency up to 98%.

• High Output Power Factor – The power factor of 1, allows more critical devices with the higher number of total watts to be powered by the UPS. 

• Remote Management card included.

CyberPower’s Online (High-Density) Series UPS are available in Australia now.

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