CYPHER LEARNING for Shopify businesses

by Angus Jones

CYPHER LEARNING, a leading provider of intelligent learning platforms for schools, universities and organisations around the world, today announces partnership with Boost Commerce, a leading Shopify & Shopify Plus business solutions provider – to streamline and strengthen training for its fully remote workforce. 

Boost Commerce is a team of Shopify experts, providing efficient and reliable technology solutions to assist Shopify & Shopify Plus stores grow and scale up their business. Boost Commerce launched their Product Filter & Search app in 2017 and currently have over 13,000 Shopify subscribers. The global eCommerce platform chose CYPHER LEARNING’s solution MATRIX LMS to streamline onboarding and deliver a high-quality learning experience forits staff. 

MATRIX is an intelligent learning platform (ILP) for businesses that enables organisations to reach the full potential of online training and collaboration. The platform ensures Boost Commerce can create and manage interactive e-learning activities that are accessible to employees anytime and from any location.  

“CYPHER LEARNING is thrilled to partner with Boost Commerce to provide the best e-learning solutions for their staff to help grow their business,” said Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING. 

“The company is strengthening its presence in the APAC region and will continue to provide the most innovative and feature-rich online learning solutions for organisations to deliver the best training experience for their staff.”

“Working remotely, with its undeniable boost in productivity, also presents a unique set of challenges. One of the many issues we come across includes finding a suitable L&D strategy.” said Mr. Triet Nguyen, co-founder of Boost Commerce.  

“Boost Commerce needs a specialised tool that helps organise and streamline the training process of our employees. That’s when we found CYPHER LEARNING.  Our experience with the platform has been outstanding. Trainers can easily manage their materials and trainees have no trouble accessing their assigned courses. CYPHER LEARNING provides a user-friendly yet more immersively advanced training experience compared to the other LMS tools we’ve used. To cap things off, there’s always a dedicated support team to quickly and effectively address our concerns.” 

MATRIX LMS was recently awarded a top spot on Forbes Advisor’s “Best Learning Management Systems of 2022” list, recommending the platform for businesses that want an LMS with an intuitive UX, robust e-commerce capabilities and all-round ease of use. 

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