Tradies to Book a Jab

Portal & QR Code for Tradies to Book a Jab

by Angus Jones

Master Builders Australia has launched a new partnership with the Pharmacy Guild to boost vaccinations in the building and construction industry for tradies to book a Jab. 

“The involvement of community pharmacies is going to be a major boost to Master Builders Australia’s national ‘Let’s Get The Jab, Let’s Get It Done’ campaign to boost the vaccination rate among builders and tradies around the country,” Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia. 

“The partnership involves the promotion by Master Builders of the Pharmacy Guild’s online portal and accompanying QR code to the building and construction industry. The Pharmacy Guild’s portal means that builders and tradies can book a vaccine appointment at a community pharmacy that’s local to them literally within minutes,” she said. 

“This will make getting the jab easier for builders and tradies and allow Master Builders to gauge the number of people in the industry receiving the vaccination in aggregate terms and in compliance with privacy legislation,” Denita Wawn said.  

“Getting the jab is the only way to open up the country and end the lockdowns which are having such a toxic effect on our industry, the economy and the community but our research has found that we need to make it easier for builders and tradies,” she said.  

“Many builders and tradies, particularly males under 40, are holding back on getting the jab because they do not believe that Premiers and Chief Ministers will keep their promise and open up when vaccination rates reach 70% and 80% and because they think they erroneously believe that the virus poses no physical threat to them. However, they are willing to get the jab to stop the lockdowns and open the country as outlined in National Cabinet’s national plan if the process is made easier and that’s where community pharmacies come in,” Denita Wawn said.  

“Our partnership with the Pharmacy Guild is an outstanding and leading example of the business community working together to boost vaccinations so that we can all return safely to our normal working and private lives, providing that our state and territory leaders keep their promise to open up at 70% and 80%,” Denita Wawn said.

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