SmartMatch saves 2 weeks from recruitment

by Angus Jones

Employment Hero, the employment management platform serving almost one-fifth of Australia’s private businesses, has announced its recruitment tool – SmartMatch – is now shaving two weeks off the recruitment process. 

With 1 million job seeker profiles and 10,000 candidates signing up each week, SmartMatch is the first tool in the world where live candidate searches have been made available inside an HR system.

Built into Employment Hero’s platform for employers and powered by employee superapp, Swag for job seekers, SmartMatch facilitates proactive and predictive hiring by analysing a business’s organisation chart and predicting hiring needs based on sector, size, location, and seasonal trends.

Employers have the ability to surface candidates against existing roles, for example where an identical growth role is required or when an employee resigns. For recruiting new roles, a simple search can yield results within seconds. And the full functionality of Employment Hero’s Applicant Tracking System helps employers manage candidates so they can start the interview process immediately. 

Employment Hero’s own research has shown that 75% of SMEs struggle to compete for talent against big businesses. Traditional recruitment methods are costly and slow – the average cost to hire someone regularly exceeds $5k. 

“Our innovative approach marks the end of the ‘pay and pray’ recruitment model, ensuring a continuous talent pipeline that will save businesses thousands of dollars. Gone are the days of writing job descriptions, placing ads, and sorting through countless CVs. Instead, SmartMatch’s AI-driven approach ensures that the most suitable candidates are matched with the right roles seamlessly. 

“Now, both hiring managers and job seekers can claw back hours of time previously spent stuck in an inefficient process. We’re confident that SmartMatch deletes two weeks from the current recruitment process by eliminating this need for employers to go out and find their own candidates,” said David Holland, Managing Director of Swag at Employment Hero.

The real-life benefits of SmartMatch

Daniel Oliveira, HR Manager, Tradern Australia Care and Training Services:

“When it comes to finding talent, SmartMatch is infinitely faster than the other options out there. Recruitment can be such a burden and this tool helps to ease that, it’s such a beneficial tool for small businesses that don’t have hiring teams. 

“There’s a very good reply rate from people who are listed on the SmartMatch talent pool. In my experience here, if we connect on SmartMatch, we try to send emails to 10 people on SmartMatch, and approximately eight of them will reply. Using SmartMatch, we’ve hired candidates in just a few days because the reply rate is so high.

“Because the recruitment system is inside Employment Hero itself, it means that you collect all the information in one platform, and you add it all into their employee profile inside the HR platform. It saves so many hours of work and is better compliance-wise for keeping track of files. The integration of all the processes is the best feature it has. If everything can be done within the same system it becomes much less work.

“SmartMatch saves HR Managers and Recruiters hours of time administering the search process. This can be as much as 16 hours for our industry.” 

Read here for more information on how SmartMatch works.

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