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by Angus Jones

 Appliances Online, Australia’s largest online appliance retailer has today announced a partnership with Greener for Business, The partnership provides members with access to a curated range of Appliances Online’s most energy efficient appliances and electric alternatives, helping small and medium businesses to upgrade to appliances, which help reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, making it better  for the planet. 

Through Appliances Online Commercial Division, Greener for Business members get access to commercial prices across key categories and also electric product suggestions for water heating, cooktops and heating in a partnership that aims to help businesses reduce cost and emissions. Appliances Online has identified the top 20% most energy efficient products based on energy star rating across its range of refrigeration, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.

James Bartlett, General Manager, Appliances Online, said“Appliances are present in just about every business in the country and they are the backbone of how these businesses operate. We are very proud to partner with Greener for Business to help Australian business owners reduce emissions and their energy costs in the long term; and take the hassle out of upgrading their appliances by offering them our legendary service, so they can really focus on what they do best, which is running their business and serving their customers”.

With energy being one of the largest operating costs for many of Australia’s 2.5M small and medium businesses, improving appliance efficiency presents a massive opportunity to help businesses significantly reduce overheads through lower energy consumption, and consequently deliver sizable environmental benefits through greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

“For many small businesses, like the 26,800+ hair and beauty salons Australia-wide, who often have washers, dryers and other appliances running all day, 6 or even 7 days a week, the costs can really add up,” said Sandy Chong, CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council. “Not to mention when appliances break down, it can cost these businesses thousands in unplanned out of pocket expenses to replace or repair them. Having access to Appliances Online’s special commercial rates and next day installation on more efficient products via Greener for Business helps solve this pain point for businesses, but also helps cut down on their ongoing energy usage and bills”.

Alice Kuepper, Head of Sustainable Business and CSR Winning Group explains “Sustainability is a core part of Appliances Online’s legendary service; and we’re excited to build on our commitment to a sustainable future, which already includes free removal and recycling of old appliances, mattresses and product packaging. Our partnership with Greener for Business means it’s now even easier for businesses to become more energy efficient, and help future proof their business for electrification and the renewable energy transition”.

“Small businesses don’t have time or money to burn, and swapping out old appliances can be a real headache. How do you know which to choose? How do you install it? What do you do with the old one?”, said Tom Ferrier, Founder of Greener,  “That’s why we’re working with Appliances Online to bring real solutions to the table – free delivery, free installation, free removal and recycling of old appliances, and  and providing easy access to their most efficient appliances and electric alternatives, at commercial prices – to make upgrading better for the bottom line for SMBs.” 

To access Appliances Online commercial benefits, and get more simple step-by-step advice to unlock additional savings and further reduce emissions, businesses can sign up for free via Greener for Business. 

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