VIVE XR Elite Business virtual reality

by Angus Jones

As the Enterprise XR space and industry competition continue to grow, HTC VIVE is leading the way. At Mobile World Congress 2024, HTC VIVE is announcing new enterprise features for VIVE XR Elite Business Edition, including Location Based Software Suite support, and VIVE Business+ to make fleet management and content deployment effortless at any scale. VIVE XR Elite Business Edition also has new physical accessories to support even more versatile use cases and enhance comfort for longer sessions or multiple users.

VIVE’s hardware and software combination has seen it become the global standard for multi-user Location Based Experiences, including Arcades, Museums, Galleries, and Cultural institutions The breathtaking Horizon of Khufu started with a single venue in Lyon, France, and has seen over 150,000 visitors in just one year, resulting in expansion to nine locations across the globe.

VIVE’s hardware has also become essential in training scenarios across the world. VIVE’s hardware and software mean it’s easy to create simulations with realistic graphics, and the ability for users to move around on a 1:1 scale, even incorporating physical props.

“Every year, the XR industry is delivering more innovation to support humanity,” said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and Co-Founder of HTC. “In 2023 we helped older people to have new experiences while also optimising medical diagnostic tools. We put a VR headset onto the International Space Station for mental and physical health. And VIVE Arts helped to create a beautiful look at Vincent van Gogh’s final works, in a way never seen before. XR is inspiring people around the world, and the possibilities are endless.”

VIVE’s Location Based Software Suite also helped to develop the first functional VR system in microgravity. VIVE’s Simulator Mode was adapted for use on the International Space Station, as Commander Andreas Mogensen used a VIVE Focus 3 flawlessly for mental and physical health support. Mogensen said, “It’s actually one of my favourite activities onboard the space station… it’s a game changer.” VIVE’s LBSS is also an integral part of the upcoming large-scale multiuser exhibition at Museé d’Orsay, “Tonight with the Impressionists – Paris 1874”, celebrating 150 years of Impressionism.

The new VIVE XR Elite Business Edition features include:

  • Location Based Software Suite support
  • A new face gasket designed for high-user turnover scenarios like LBE
  • A new over-the-top headstrap, enhancing comfort and making it even easier and quicker to switch users
  • Security clips for the temple arms, to prevent anyone from removing the battery cradle

VIVE is also launching a new 5-in-1 USB-C dock for VIVE Ultimate Tracker, so that five units can be charged at the same time quickly and easily. The VIVE USB-C Dock (Five Ports) is perfect for power users and businesses who have a large number of VIVE Ultimate Trackers in use, for LBEs, group training, motion capture, and more.

VIVERSE Starter Pack

As remote collaboration becomes increasingly important across the world, VIVE is launching a special VIVERSE “Starter Pack” to help organisations build their capabilities. The VIVERSE Starter Pack promotion includes:

  • 3 months of VIVERSE for Business
  • 10x free VIVE XR Elite Business Edition units, including free VIVE Business Warranty
  • Free access to VIVE Business+ for fleet management and content deployment
  • Total savings over $12,000
  • 20x VIVE XR Elite Business Edition bundle also available, with total savings over $15,000


VIVERSE is also adding a number of new features, including AI tools, support for VIVE Ultimate Tracker and VIVE Full Face Tracker for VIVE XR Elite, as well as non-VR motion capture for avatars. The new AI technology includes a Personal Assistant to act as a personal tour guide, packed with information about the world the user is exploring.

The AI Personal Assistant will also function as a Voice Assistant for productivity tasks like updating the user’s personal calendar, with more features coming soon. The AI technology also supports Voice-To-Text Transcription, and Real-Time Translation into eight languages*, making it easier than ever for people from different cultures to converse.  

Helping avatars to be more realistic and expressive, VIVERSE is adding support for VIVE Ultimate Tracker for precise body tracking. VIVE Full Face Tracker is capable of eye-tracking and capturing subtle facial expressions – 38 blend shapes across the lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth, and tongue at 60Hz. This means avatars will be more natural and realistic in VIVERSE. Highlighting how easy it is for organisations to add third-party solutions such as AI to their own VIVERSE avatars, HTC’s partner ACCESS will showcase avatars built using the VIVERSE Avatar SDK which incorporate AI for speech and facial expressions.

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