How to Improve Wi-Fi

by Angus Jones

We rely so heavily on Internet connections these days, and we are quick to blame the broadband provider when it does not work. However, the question you should be really asking is How to improve Wi-Fi?

WiFi a wireless radio transmission allowing computers, tablets, smartphones, Printers, Camera’s and other WiFi enabled devices to connect to the internet or communicate with one another within a set area.

WHY should I worry about Wi-Fi black spots?

 Wi-Fi is designed for in-building use with a range of about 10 to 30 meters. Its range is such as to not interfere with someone else’s Wi-Fi network in the next building. Wi-Fi is unlikely to pass through water or thick steel but can pass through walls which will reduce the signal strength.

The better the connection you have (signal strength), the more reliable and faster your connection will be.  Remember, though, your internet connection will never be faster than the broadband plan you have subscribed to.  See our guide on Internet Plans and Provision.

WHAT do I need for Wi-Fi?

Everything you need to know about setting up a Wi-Fi router and a computer network can be found in this guide.

HOW to Improve Wi-Fi?

Our sister publication has created a simple guide for improving Wi-Fi performance.

  1. Place your Router in the middle of all the Wi-Fi action
    The best place to position your Wi-Fi router will be in the centre of where the devices (or people) are located in your office.
  2. Connect data guzzlers to your Router by Ethernet cable
    Your Router will have some ethernet plugs on the back of it.  Any device that uses lots of data like a network backup drive or a busy printer may be best directly connected via an ethernet cable.
  3. If your place of business is dual-level or longer than 30m, you need Wi-Fi extenders
    Some Wi-Fi routers are better than others at transmitting; however, the 10m to 30m limit is real, so a product called a Wi-Fi extender placed within the range of the Wi-Fi router will then extend the coverage a further 10 to 30m.
  4. The trick is Ethernet backhaul – not Mesh Wi-Fi
    Referring back to point 3. A long ethernet cable plugged into the Wi-Fi extender (especially if out of Wi-Fi range) will provide you coverage at a greater distance and at a faster speed.

HINTS – How to improve Wi-Fi

A speed test like www.speedtest.net  will give you an indication of what speed your internet is running at.  Do a test with a PC connected by ethernet cable directly to your Router, then do a test over Wi-Fi. This will show you what the best case is and if you have a problem.  The faster speed is better.

Visit Gadget Guy to read the one-page guide on Kill Wi-Fi blackspots in 5 simple steps

SUMMARY – Improve Internet speed

Put simply, if you have poor internet, look for a solution.  We suggest you start by understanding your broadband plan speed. Test its actual speed, then the speeds of your Wi-Fi connected devices in your office.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the effect of fast internet on your and any employee’s productivity.

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