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The great game of business

by Angus Jones

The Brave Group Pty Ltd is now the official Australian office for The Great Game of Business (originated MO, USA) providing local support for Australian and New Zealand businesses. With Certified Coaches located across Australia, The Brave Group are experts in transformative cultural change typified by The Great Game. Each coach brings an average of 15 years playing the game and will focus on coaching local business to help them deliver rapid financial results and long-lasting cultural change.

The Great Game of Business opens the books and educates employees on business finance creating a culture where employees think, act and feel like business owners. The Great Game of Business focuses on the importance of engaging a team, of creating increased knowledge and financial understanding so that the culture of the business becomes the driving force behind success. Underpinning The Great Game, are the core beliefs that improving financial performance within any business can only occur if the people are part of, understand and drive, those changes. It links people and the business in a common goal. It is the only truly transparent business culture and is proven to be the differentiator in attracting and retaining people.

“I am thrilled that our organisation, The Brave Group, has been given the opportunity to be the official office for The Great Game of Business in Australia and New Zealand. Our team has firsthand experience in the financial and cultural benefits that the Great Game system brings to a company and its people, and we are passionate about creating a community of like-minded organisations here in this region” The Brave Group co-Founder Kelli Hayes.

Certified Great Game of Business Coaches; Kelli Hayes, Sue Robinson, Adam Nicholls, and Bianca Presutto, have firsthand experience playing the game for an Australian company that was a Great Game of Business All Star and also inducted into The Great Game of Business Hall of Fame.  With extensive coaching and consulting experience and a proven and practical approach to applying the game, each brings their own strengths to help like-minded businesses with a tailored approach – no matter where they are in their Great Game of Business journey 

The Brave Group is proud to officially represent The Great Game of Business in Australia.

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