D-Link AC1200

D-Link AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi range extender

by Angus Jones

In our recent guide Wi-Fi Extender to improve your Wi-Fi coverage, we looked at what a Wi-Fi extender is and how it can improve productivity in the office by increasing internet speed and coverage.

A new product the D-Link AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi range extender, the DAP-1610, took our fancy as it ticked all of the boxes we mentioned in our guide. The only exception being that it does not support Wi-Fi 6, but most readers will not have Wi-Fi 6 products yet. 

If you struggle to get Wi-Fi in areas of your business, then for $125, this will be a game-changer.

3 key features to buy a D-Link AC1200:

  1. This extender can be used as a wireless access point.  This means you can go to Officeworks, buy a 25-metre ethernet cable ($45) and connect one end to the extender and one to the router. Assuming you can run this cable to the area you are having trouble getting Wi-Fi, you now have a Wi-Fi network in your blackspot on the same network.
  2. Support for a Mesh network means that if you have a Mesh router and the extender is in range, you can increase your Wi-Fi coverage using the same network name and password. Thus your smartphones, PC etc., will just work without further configuration.
  3. Simple setup with a signal strength indicator. Start by pushing the WPS button on the router and extender. Your extender is now active. Now try the extender in different locations taking note of the three signal strength lights on the front of the unit. This makes the placement of the extender simple to get the best results.

Other features that tick the boxes include Dual-band (2.4& 5GHz) support for speeds up to 867Mbps and foldable antennas, which means the unit is just as happy plugged into a wall socket as a power board. If you register the product with D-Link, you get a 3-year warranty, and 24/7 Technical support is available.

This simple Wi-Fi fix is available now from major electrical retailers.

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