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Luxury car ownership 75% OFF THE PRICE

by Angus Jones

A new Australian start-up has today launched to smash the boundaries of luxury car ownership, usually
reserved for the world’s elite, by making them more affordable to everyday Australian car lovers.
Launched by a team of successful car-loving entrepreneurs*, CARTEL Motors will make buying
supercars like Lamborghinis up to 75% cheaper.
As a world-first in automotive ownership, the move marks a unique turning point in the luxury car market to
establish a democratised model.
“It’s the new, more financially realistic way to own the car you’ve been dreaming of, at a fraction of the price.
CARTEL has the potential to shake up the luxury car market forever,” explains co-founder Stuart Mak.
Using a unique fractional ownership model, CARTEL will allow Australians to own meaningful shares in their
dream cars, whether it be a convertible supercar or a Sunday cruiser.
“The platform allows Australians to hold equity in a car and share it with up to 3 other owners. The equity is
yours and you are free to trade it in and out of the market as you see fit at a price you set. The platform
allows owners to enjoy sales, delivery, maintenance, upkeep and secure storage, but more than anything it
allows owners to drive their dream cars at a fraction of the cost of outright ownership,” explains Mak.
“Owning a luxury or sports car isn’t about your daily commute. It’s about owning something truly special,
where the drive itself is the experience,” added Mak.
Co-founder of CARTEL, Marcus Liew explains; “The reality of luxury and sports car ownership is that most of
the time, the vehicles end up staying parked in a garage for most of their lives. So owning one via a fractional
model makes not only both financial and economic sense but practical value also.
“Through our research, we also found that storage of luxury and sports cars is another major barrier to
ownership; lots of Australians would love to own a sports car but don’t have the space to have it sitting
around all year,” added Liew.
With the first syndicated cars expected to be released at the beginning of July 2021, CARTEL is now taking
expressions of interest from those based in Sydney initially with Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne to follow
Register your interest.

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