Small run food packaging

Small run food packaging

by Angus Jones

ePac Flexible Packaging (ePac), the industry leader in digital printing for small run food packaging, has launched in Australia, with its first manufacturing facility opening in Melbourne in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Built entirely on breakthrough digital printing technology, ePac serves local brands of all sizes, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized businesses producing snacks, confections, coffee, natural and organic foods, pet food, and nutritional supplements.

ePac provides a five to 15 business day lead time, focuses on small and medium run-length orders, and enables brands to order to demand and avoid costly inventory and obsolescence.  

ePac’s first production facility will open eight kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, at the new Newlands Road food manufacturing hub, located in the heart of Coburg’s thriving industrial district. 

Jack Knott, ePac Flexible Packaging CEO, said, “We’re very excited to be expanding ePac’s growing international footprint into Australia. We are focused on bringing the same great ePac experience to our customers, helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and achieve big brand presence.”

Jason Brown, ePac Flexible Packaging Managing Director, Australia, said, “ePac helps local brands grow into major contributors within the community, with a unique offering for brands to rapidly go to market with great packaging. Opening our first facility at Newlands Road is an exciting milestone for ePac Australia, and we’ve already had a great response from the community.” 

ePac was established in the US in 2016 to provide locally-based consumer packaged goods companies with the ability to compete with large brands with great packaging, give back to the communities it serves, and contribute to creating a more sustainable, circular economy. Since the opening of the company’s first manufacturing facility in 2016, ePac’s mission has been clear – to help small brands obtain big brand presence and grow.

About ePac flexible small run food packaging 

ePac is the first company created entirely on breakthrough digital printing technology from Hewlett Packard, the Indigo 20000. This technology platform enables the company to provide fast time to market, economical short and medium run length jobs, customization, and the ability to order to demand to avoid costly inventory and obsolescence. By harnessing the true power of digital printing, ePacConnect enables brands of all sizes to take advantage of the growing trends in connected packaging. ePac’s digital platform is inherently eco-friendly while offering several sustainable film options. 


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