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Make an offer on real estate

by Angus Jones

Propps and Settle Easy have partnered up to make house buying easier with a new online Make an offer solution.

At Settle Easy, we’re celebrating our latest partnership with Propps, an exciting new digital offer management solution for the real estate industry.

It’s exciting because we’re huge fans of any business that streamlines the process of buying and selling property and makes things easier for customers and agents.

Propps, the latest independent venture out of 1835i Ventures, the innovation and investment partner of ANZ Banking Group – helps real estate agents manage the process of buyers making offers and alleviates a common headache along the way.

Agents constantly receive offers from buyers in different ways – in person, hardcopy, via phone, email, SMS and even on social media – but these offers are all in different formats. It’s really difficult comparing apples with oranges and keeping track of them all.

The Propps white-labelled ‘Make an Offer’ solution helps agents manage that process and standardise the way offers are submitted so that agents can have transparent conversations with their vendors and properly compare all offers on the table.

Fully integrated with agents’ websites, this proptech solution is really simple and allows agents to include a ‘Make an Offer’ button on their listings and accept legally binding or non-binding offers for that property.

As buyers make their offer through Propps, if they don’t have a conveyancer appointed and would like one, Propps can quickly connect them to a conveyancer via Settle Easy. Of course, agents can opt-out of conveyancing referrals via Propps if they so choose.

Settle Easy and Propps have a lot in common. We both help customers and real estate agents:

● Save time

● Streamline processes

● Take the stress out of buying property

● Provide a secure online environment

● Are available 24/7 – whenever and wherever it suits them.

This new partnership will mean that more customers have access to Settle Easy’s simple online conveyancing – and more Australians will be able to achieve their property goals easier than ever before.

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