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Telstra Go Digital to help small business

by Angus Jones

Telstra has announced an $8.5 million investment in the future of Australian small businesses.  By handing over prominent advertising space at the nation’s biggest football stadiums and launching a service to help them plan for and benefit from Australia’s rapidly growing digital economy.

Telstra will offer small businesses free Telstra Business Go Digital Consults throughout 2021 as part of the multi-million dollar plug for the backbone of Australia’s economy.

Small businesses that register their interest for a Telstra Business Go Digital Consult will have the chance to win a takeover of Telstra’s premium advertising at AFL and NRL games across the country in the first week of May.

Telstra Consumer and Small Business Group Executive Michael Ackland said the initiative comes after a year that saw more customers than ever seek to interact with businesses online.

“Australia’s small to medium businesses deserve both a Dally M and a Brownlow medal for how they have kept themselves and our economy running during an incredibly challenging period. They’ve earned an opportunity to have their name up in lights,” Mr Ackland said.

“We’ve seen a massive acceleration in the number of customers shopping online over the past year. To harness this opportunity now is the time for more small businesses to go online and interact with customers in new, digital ways and embrace more efficient selling, marketing, and invoicing.

“More businesses going digital could help grow Australia’s economy by $90b and create up to 250,000 jobs in the next five years. We know this is a big change for many small businesses, so we are offering free Telstra Business Go Digital Consults to help businesses embrace the digital economy.”

Launching Telstra Go Digital

Telstra’s new Telstra Business Go Digital Consult will be offered free to all SMB customers throughout 2021 – a value of approximately $7.5 million.

The new service (RRP$149) helps businesses be their best online through a consultation by a Telstra Small Business Expert of their digital touchpoints.  From online marketing and cybersecurity to e-commerce and employee engagement, identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and opportunities. They then help equip the business with a tailored report and roadmap to go digital.

The Go Digital Consult also unlocks a host of exclusive offers with Telstra’s extensive partner network providing SMB support, including Small Business Australia, Samsung, Cisco, Spotzer, Facebook and Microsoft.

Helping SMBs reach new audiences through mass exposure

Eligible Telstra Small businesses who register for a Telstra Business Go Digital Consult and enter the competition online before 23 March will also get the chance to get unprecedented access to some of the country’s most valuable and coveted sports advertising. By taking over Telstra’s premium AFL and NRL sponsorship at each stadium hosting games during Telstra Small Business Week (May 03 – 06).

Winning SMBs – they could be a local tattoo parlour or a fruit and veg shop and more – will each be plugged in one of 17 stadiums across the country. With placements previously only accessible to big business with significant marketing budgets.

From seeing their name up in lights in signage takeovers to on-screen plugs from iconic sports commentators, Telstra is helping propel small businesses to new heights.

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