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Business Technology for set up

by Angus Jones

As a small business owner, you need to be a jack of all trades.  One of the hats you need to have is head of IT or Information technology.  In this guide, we will look at what technology you will need to buy to establish a small business.

Information Technology or IT is the use of computers and telecommunications for storing, retrieving, analysing and to share information.

WHY should I invest in business technology?

Technology will allow your business to run efficiently and make your business look more professional.

It will enable you to communicate via a mobile phone and email.  You will have the ability to create documents and print them.  IT will allow you to control your finances and time. You will be able to safely store and share information and lastly be found and possibly sell on the internet.

So, put simply, what phones and computer stuff do I need to buy then set up to help run my business !

WHAT business technology do I need to buy?

Below is a checklist of technologies you will need to consider for your business and a link to find more information on selecting the right option:

What technology do I need for my business?

Mobile Phone. Features that will help make a difference in running your business.
Mobile Phone Plan. Consider coverage, data inclusion, & value for money.
Computer (PC). Demystifying the jargon to help you buy the right computer.
Computer monitor. Size vs cost vs quality for your business type.
Office Productivity Software. For producing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, charts, and graphs.
Cloud-based software. Solutions to help you run your business, like accounting, payroll, staff scheduling, databases etc.
Internet Plan and Provision. Reliable broadband at a speed and capacity that suits your small business.
Internet security. Take precautions against a cyber threat to your computers.
Network or WiFi.  Allows your office to share resources like the internet or a printer.
Storing and sharing files. Collaborate with staff, customers and suppliers.
Backup. Protecting your data if the worst should happen
Printer. The cheapest one may cost you more!
POS System or terminal. If you are in retail, a café or restaurant you will probably need one.
Website domain and email. Creating an identity and allowing you to communicate on the internet.
Build a website. To boost your brand and help you sell.

HOW do I decide what technology to buy

All of the 15 items on the checklist above have their own Small Business Answers Guide to help you make the right decisions on what to buy. Be sure to click on those links.

If the whole process is still too much for you, we suggest you speak with an IT retailer or engage the services of an IT support person or organisation. See our guide on IT Support – help with technology


Now I know you want the latest and best smartphone and computer but carefully consider how much all this will cost before you go crazy with the credit card.  Also, consider exactly what you need as you don’t have to buy everything on the first day.

If you believe you will expand and hire more staff, you can always pass technology down and invest in an upgrade for yourself.

The reverse of this, be careful of buying something that does not suit the job. For example, a cheap printer that is not up to the volume means you will be back out purchasing a higher specified printer.

Reviews of specific products can be found at our sister website Gadget Guy

SUMMARY – Setting up your office tech

Buying technology can be a very daunting experience, mostly due to the cost associated with it. It will, however, allow you to operate more efficiently and professionally.  The 15 step checklist and the associated 15 guides will give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

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